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[Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w
  • [Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w
  • [Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w
  • [Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w
  • [Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w
  • [Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w
  • [Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w

[Discount Supermarket] 1950 pure hand-blowing white wine glass w


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The same time as the above- Category: Wine glasses Material: Crystal Tips: This crystal cup for the synthetic crystal cup, not a natural gem crystal cup.

Crystal Cup Introduction:
First of all, the crystal cup is also a kind of glass, the main component is silica, which is the introduction of lead, barium, zinc, titanium and other substances. Because this glass has a high degree of transparency and refractive index, its appearance smooth crystal, so called crystal glass. If it is the introduction of lead, compared to lead crystal. The introduction of barium, zinc, titanium and other substances, compared with lead-free crystal.

According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, glassware in the overheated or subcooled water is easy to burst, in use, should avoid excessive temperature difference between the use of the environment, so the use of glass temperature should be below 80 ℃ below. 【Product details】 Cold incision process Lead-free crystal material one
to make
type Flat base 1950 Handmade Bubble White Wine Cup Sparkling Cup Maotai Glass Set Gift Set
(6 white wine glass + 1 bottle) Product number 1950ZH003 Leadless crystal 4cm 100ML 12cm - 8.5cm 9cm Home, hotel, business, party, gift and so on product material Glass width Separator capacity Separator height Glass capacity Glass height Divider width The scope of application Handmade cup is full of vitality of the cup! Cup body as a whole good balance, light, smart.
Holding the time comfortable and comfortable, cup with cold incision process, thin cup wall clear and transparent,
The appearance of transparent, you can fully show the bright colors of wine.
【Product Features Description】 Cold incision process Cold cut exquisite cups along,
For the wine to the lips to enjoy
Experience to provide a good touch
Feeling, pleasure taste wine
life. Cup belly shape Cups highlight the cup body curve,
Easy to wine "breathing"
Alcoholization. Smooth base Large and flat bottom increase
Strong the stability of the cup,
And reduced the broken glass
Broken risk. Seamless cups Smooth and seamless cups,
Not only beautiful appearance
It is to avoid the wine
Drinking temperature is not hand
Impact. 【Manual Blowing Process】 First of all: selection The second step: chemical material Will be based on a variety of raw materials
The same ratio, formulated in one
Start, stir evenly. Place the prepared ingredients in the furnace
, After more than 20 hours
High temperature melting. Worker for many years or more
Take a small amount of raw material from the furnace
Blowing. For many years older workers will feed raw materials
Into the mold side of the rotation side blowing, timely
Adjust the size of the gas to ensure that the product
Smooth and transparent. For many years more than the artisans with one
Stretching the way, will be stretched out,
Fixed length. The raw material plus a good cup of the bottom,
One in the process of rotation with tools
The bottom of the production. After the annealing furnace, the initial inspection,
Deformation of the product directly removed, save
A good glass, cold cuts. The third step: blowing a small bubble The fourth step: blow molding The fifth step: pull Ting Step 6: do the end Step 7: Cold cuts The use of white wine Festivals, family gather together, drink a cup of fun ~ Warm little tips: a small cup every day will not be harmful to the body, but also have some benefits; liquor can soothe the nerves.
Liquor in the composition is very complex, only Maotai in the fragrance of up to more than 70 species, many of these substances are
What is necessary for human health. Business talks friends gathering friends gathering Business meeting of the conversation, the hands of the beautiful glass
Generous form, highlighting their own self-confidence! A rare friend of the party, the hands of the red wine glasses
Show their own life taste, lead-free crystal red wine glasses,
Both environmentally friendly and healthy. Pure hand-blowing process, both embellishment life,
But also highlight the owner's taste. 【Handmade cup cleaning steps】 In order to keep the gloss and clarity of the glass, use the following steps: 01. Wash with warm water and should not be used
Any detergent and glass cleaner. 02. Use a thin fiber towel to wipe. 03.When wiping with your right hand, please gently move the cup with your left hand. 05. Throughout the cleaning process, avoid direct breathing against the glassware. 06. enjoy the results! 04. The hand must always be kept clean and will
Paper towels at a fingered place,
For cleaning. Buy bugs Is the crystal cup not a glass? Bubble is inferior products, defective products? The cup is very light Cup wall is thin? Is not cut corners ah? The cup is very fine Is it easy to break it? A: popular crystal cup, in fact, is a kind of glass. Professional should be called "crystal glass". This special glass and ordinary glass composition is different. This special glass because of close to the natural crystal permeability and refractive index, hence the name crystal glass. Crystal glass is divided into two kinds, lead element called lead crystal, lead-free element called lead-free crystal. A: The artificially blown glassware, because it is not in the closed space to complete all the processes, so the glass and then the process of vertical encountered in the air can not see the small dust, it will produce bubbles. In the process of follow-up inspection, we will be in strict accordance with international standards to test, but can not guarantee that each cup is not any streamlines and bubbles, so the bubble is not a good standard to determine the cup. A: 1950 handmade cup with lead-free crystal glass material, rather than the traditional thick glass material! Cup wall is thin, but very
"Capricious"; cups are light, but it is "slim", streamlined good with a beautiful sense! This is the craftsman hand
The progress of the process, rather than cut corners. A: hand cup cup legs, although very thin, but very solid, but also a certain degree of flexibility, effective play a role in the fall buffer, good quality. We stress again Our advantage is:

Please comment when the mercy of your hands, or we are more than Dou E injustice it! Light, thin, beautiful, full of vitality!

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight : 0.72kg
  • Net Weight : 0.72kg
  • Package Size : 28cm x 27cm x 14cm
  • What's in the box : White wine cup x6, sub-kettle x1

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